Who Is Emmett?

Emmett Drumming

On June 9 2011, at the age of 31, Emmett James Stallings IV passed away after a 16 month battle with esophageal cancer, one of the scariest and deadliest cancer diagnoses possible. He left behind his high school sweetheart and wife of almost 9 years as well as a three year old son, Emmett James Stallings V (AKA Quinn). Emmett was a husband, father, son, brother, drummer, and friend who lived a life dedicated to serving and loving those around him. An alumnus of Furman University's school of music, Emmett spent some time studying ethnic percussion at Winthrop University before beginning a career as a professional musician in Nashville, Tennessee. Before his diagnosis, Emmett toured the world playing drums as well as contributing his unique sound to many studio recordings. His passion for music was exceeded only by his passion for life. He enjoyed making other people laugh, spending time with the people he loved, and creating music.

Much to the surprise of the doctors, Emmett never smoked or drank or did drugs. He fit none of the stereotypes associated with esophageal cancer. Since his death, both Emmett's father and brother have been diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, a pre-cancerous inflammation of the esophagus with few good treatments. Before he passed away, Emmett's wish was to start an organization dedicated to eliminating esophageal cancer so that no wife would lose her husband, no son would lose his father, and no father would lose his son to such an ugly disease. And so Team Emmett was born as an extension of Emmett's constant desire to love and serve others.

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